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What's New at the Archives

What’s New at the Archives

What's to come in 2014
Another year is starting and the staff and volunteers of the Westchester County Archives continue to provide excellent service to the public and work towards building the collections of the Archives. Our dedication to these goals means we will make even more materials available at the Archives and online in the coming year. Here are some things we look forward to accomplishing in 2014:

Improvements to the Digital Collections Website - To keep our digital collections growing, we plan on adding several new Digital Collections in the coming year:

  • County Executive Annual Report/State of the County Addresses
  • District Attorney Case File Feature
  • Additional Park Commission photographs
  • Park Commission Annual Reports
  • Planning Department County Owned Lands Atlas
  • Recreation Commission Annual Reports

Online Indexing projects - This past summer we began a new Personal Name Index for our Jail Blotter Index books. Not only do these records provide genealogical information for specific individuals incarcerated in the Westchester County Jail during the early part of the twentieth century, they are also excellent resources for the study of law enforcement and criminality in general during that time.

We also continue to work hard on indexing our Surrogates records, Naturalization records (1927-1955), and our Incorporation records – keep checking back to see what has been added to these indexes. 

And look for another new index – of our Professional Registers – to be added online towards the end of this year.

Recent Acquisitions / Newly Processed Collections
Members of the Volunteers in Archives program and archival student interns continue to provide vital assistance with processing collections and allowing us to make them available to the public. Some collections they and Archives staff have completed work on recently include:

County Executive Subject Files, 1933-1963 (bulk 1939-1961): Subject files maintained during the administrations of the first three County Executives of Westchester County (William Bleakley, 1939-1941, Herbert Gerlach, 1941-1953, and James Hopkins, 1954-1957), and during the first four years of the administration of Edwin Michaelian, Westchester County’s fourth County Executive (1958-1973).

Office for the Disabled Subject Files: Records collected by the Westchester County Office for the Disabled - the first county-level office established for this purpose in the country - from its inception in 1975 through 1995.

Community Mental Health Board Meeting Materials, 1977-1978, 1983-1992: Board minutes and meeting packets of the Community Mental Health Board (1977-1978), and its successor, the Community Services Board, from late 1983 to 1992. Also includes materials from a handful of meetings of the Department of Community Mental Health and the Community Coordinating Council.

Board of Supervisors/Legislators Local Laws, 1960-1984:  Official letters, memorandum, newspaper clippings, and affidavits dealing with the adoption of local laws by the Westchester County Board of Supervisors and then the County Board of Legislators.

Fire District Historical Records: The Fire District Historical Records reflect the creation and proposed incorporation of several Westchester County Fire Districts, by petition to the Westchester County Board of Supervisors, primarily during the period 1926-1933. See the series description for names of fire districts.

Parks Department Statistical Ledgers and Park Commission Payroll Books: The Payroll Records are bound volumes with payroll information from the late 1920s through 1931, and the Statistical Ledgers are ledger sheets with two years worth (1962, 1964) of raw statistics on attendance, fees, and revenues from County golf courses, parks, and County Center.

Commissioner of Public Works Files, 1926-1982 (bulk early 1950s – early 1970s): Contains materials from the office of the Commissioner from the late 1920s to the early 1980s. Topics include Traffic, Major Roads, Traffic Safety Board, Traffic Safety, Bridges, Waste Disposal, Airport, and a Miscellaneous series including papers on statewide issues, IBM, Con Edison, and other county related issues.

"Westchester County News" [Press Releases], April 1955-September 1961: This collection consists of press releases from the Westchester County Executive’s Office, most of them called "The Westchester County News".