The office of Westchester County Executive was created in 1937 when voters approved a new county charter giving the county an executive branch to complement the legislative County Board of Supervisors.

Each page provides biographic information on our county's eight chief executives and the highlights of his administration.   

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William Bleakley, Westchester County Executive, 1939-1941William Francis Bleakley 

1939 - 1941

Westchester's First County Executive

Herbert Gerlach, Westchester County Executive, 1941-1953Herbert Clinton Gerlach

1941 - 1953

Father of Westchester County Airport

James Hopkins, Westchester County Executive, 1954-1957James Daniel Hopkins

1954 - 1957

Modernized the Westchester County Parkway System

Edwin Michaelian, Westchester County Executive, 1958-1973Edwin Gilbert Michaelian

1958 - 1973

Ushered in post-war economic growth
Established sales tax

Alfred Del Bello, Westchester County Executive, 1974-1982Alfred Benedict Del Bello

1974 - 1982

Established the Westchester County Medical Center

Andrew O'Rourke, Westchester County Executive, 1983-1997Andrew Patrick O'Rourke

1983 - 1997

Restored Croton Point
Rebuilt Westchester County Center

Andrew Spano, Westchester County Executive, 1998-2009Andrew J. Spano

1998 - 2009

Preserved open space
Enhanced emergency services and
  government interconnectivity

Robert Astorino, Westchester County Executive, 2010-present Robert P. Astorino

2010 - 2017

George Latimer, Westchester County Executive, 2018-present George Latimer

2018 - present