This chronological index of the series descriptions allows researchers to browse records by time periods.   

The series were indexed chronologically according to the first date recorded in the records.  If several series have the same first date, they are then ordered according to the end date of each record series.

Note that some series will overlap time periods because the dates covered span a large amount of time. 

As seen on the menu to the left, the index has been arranged by either century (1600s and 1700s), half century (1800s), or quarter century (1900s) based upon the amount of records for each time period. 

  • For example, the majority of our records fall within the 1900-1999 time period, which is why this century has been broken up into quarter century pages.

Here are some popular collections that cover large time spans (click on the years to access the full series description):

1680-1907 Deeds Index, Grantee (Series 108)   

1680-1931 Deeds Index, Grantor (Series 34) 

1772-1930 Board of Supervisors Minutes (Series 215) 

1772-1969 Board of Supervisors Proceedings (Series 145) 

1772-1983 Surrogate Records, Index (Series 171)

1774-1918 (gaps) Works Progress Administration Cemetery Records, Revolution to World War I (Series 181)

1782-1941 Wills (Series 132)

1784-1909 Religious Societies Incorporations (Series 78)