Woman in an office, c. 1930 (PPL06325)

This virtual "Reference Desk" provides some  tools for using the collections of the Westchester County Archives beyond what is provided in our Guide to the Collections and online indexes. It provides links to some of our online documents and can jump start your research on a number of topics.

County Executives of Westchester County: This virtual exhibit provides biographic information on each of our county's eight chief executives and the highlights of his administration.

County Government Desk Reference: This extensive resource provides both current and historical information about the leadership of the departments and commissions that make up Westchester County’s government.

Cross-Index to Surnames: The Cross Index to Surnames documents the last names indexed in the County Clerk's office in the early 20th century.  It is a useful resource when searching through our online indexes, particularly when the spelling of your family name has changed over time.

Documenting Crime and Punishment in Westchester County: Learn about the holdings of the Westchester County Archives that document the prosecution and punishment of Westchester's "criminal element."

Educational Resources and Exhibits: The Westchester County Archives strongly encourages the use of its collections by educators and students.

Genealogical Resources: Looking to find out how to trace your family roots but not sure where to begin? Our Genealogical Resources page is a good starting point to find out what is available at the Archives as well as suggestions on where else to look.

Additional Resources: The Westchester County Archives is not the only source for records on Westchester County history.  This page helps you seek out additional places to continue your research.

Have a question about the Archives and/or its collections?  See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for commonly asked questions. If you didn't find an answer to your question on one of those pages, please contact us.