Columbus O' Donnell Iselin and Marie Iselin LaFarge on a horse (WCHS EIB-095)

Genealogists whose ancestors lived in Westchester and the Bronx will find a wealth of information at the Westchester County Archives. The pages listed below will help genealogists begin their search for records in our collections. Also useful is our Guide to the Collections.

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Available at the Westchester County Archives:

Additional Genealogical Resources: 

Genealogical Resources in and around Westchester County: Genealogical Resources in and around Westchester County provides genealogists tracing their roots in Westchester with a starting point for locating these private repositories.

Genealogical Information about the Bronx: Genealogical Information about the Bronx provides town names that were once part of Westchester and now are in the Bronx, as well as contact information about record keeping organizations in the Bronx and New York City.

Genealogical Resources beyond Westchester County: Additional Resources Beyond Westchester County provides links to governmental websites as well as some helpful genealogy websites.

Vital Records for Westchester County: Vital Records for Westchester County offers information for locating vital records in Westchester County.  

Westchester County Historical Society: The Westchester County Historical Society was founded in 1874 as a member-based, not-for-profit agency incorporated by the State of New York to serve the citizens of Westchester County. Named as the official County Historian in 2006, the Society's mission is to collect and preserve books, pamphlets, maps, manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, periodicals, film, video and digital materials pertaining to the history of Westchester County, to promote the knowledge and understanding of that history, and to advocate for the preservation of the county's architectural heritage.

Guide to Genealogical Research for Westchester County, New York: Much useful information, including the addresses of municipal clerks and of area churches (whose early records may be more valuable than official records), is available in "The Guide to Genealogical Research for Westchester County, New York" (2003, 3rd ed.) compiled by Marjorie C. H. Renino. For more information or to obtain a copy, contact the Westchester County Historical Society.