The Desk Reference is divided into 34 pdf files -- arranged by Record Group. Each Record Group represents one organizational body (department) within the county government. This index provides the name of the Record Groups and for each lists the offices and positions for which information is included in the Desk Reference. 

To view the appropriate Desk Reference .pdf file for a particular Record Group, click on the Record Group heading.

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To see a listing of all the positions and offices included in the Desk Reference, consult the Alphabetical Index.

Record Group 1: Board of Elections
         Election Commissioner

Record Group 2: County Executive
        County Executive
        County Executive, History
        Office of African American Affairs, Director
        African American Advisory Board
        Office of Asian American Affairs
        Community and Advocacy Services, Director
        County Historian
        Office for the Disabled, Director
        Disabled, Coordinating Council for
        Real Estate, Director
        Office of Economic Development, Director
        Economic Advisory Council
        Office for Hispanic Affairs, Director
        Hispanic Advisory Board
        Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Affairs, Director
        LGBT Advisory Council
        Office of Tourism and Film, Director
        Office for Women, Director
        Domestic Violence Council
        Women’s Council
        Women’s Advisory Board
        Youth Bureau, Executive Director
        Youth Board

Record Group 3: Board of Legislators
         Board of Supervisors, Chair
         Board of Legislators, Chair
         Board of Supervisors, Clerk
         Board of Legislators, Clerk
         County Legislature, History

Record Group 4: Judiciary
         Children’s Court Judge
         Family Court Judge
         Commissioner of Jurors
         Court of Common Pleas, Judge
         County Judge
         Official Referee
         Supreme Court Justice - 9th Judicial District
         Surrogate Court Judge

Record Group 5: District Attorney
         District Attorney, Summary
         District Attorney, Details

Record Group 6: County Clerk
         County Clerk
         General Clerk
         Register of Deeds
         Electrical Licensing Board
         Plumbers Examiners, Board of

Record Group 7: Human Resources
         Personnel Officer
         Human Resources Commissioner
         Public Employment Relations Board

Record Group 8: Unassigned [formerly Real Estate]

Record Group 9: General Services
         General Services, Administrator / Commissioner
         Purchasing Agent

Record Group 10: Budget Office
         Budget Commissioner
         Budget Director
         Citizens Budget Advisory Committee

Record Group 11: Finance Department
         County Treasurer
         Finance Commissioner
         Deferred Compensation Board

Record Group 12: Law Department
         County Attorney
         Ethics Board
         Risk Management Director

Record Group 13: Planning Department
         Planning Survey Project, Advisory Committee
         Planning Commission
         Planning Board
         Planning Department, Director
         Planning Commissioner
         Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board, Chair
         Drought Emergency Task Force
         Environmental Management Council
         Estuarine Research Center Study Committee
         Historic Preservation Advisory Committee
         Housing Implementation Commission
         Housing Opportunity Commission
         Soil and Water Conservation District, Board of Directors
         Tappan Zee Futures Task Force
         Westchester Housing Opportunity Commission, Chair

Record Group 14: Tax Commission
         Excise Commissioner
         Special Deputy Excise Commissioner
         Tax Commission
         Tax Commission, Executive Director

Record Group 15: Public Safety
         Public Safety Department, Director
         Civilian Protection Director
         Civil Defense Director
         Public Safety, Commissioner/Sheriff
         Police Advisory Board

Record Group 16: Westchester Community College
         Westchester Community College, History
         Westchester Community College, President
         Westchester Community College, Board of Trustees

Record Group 17: Hospitals
         Hospital Board
         Hospitals Commissioner
         Grasslands Reservation, Building Openings
         Grasslands Hospital, Outline History
         Westchester Medical Center

Record Group 18: Health Department
         Health Board
         Health Commissioner

Record Group 19: Community Mental Health Department
         Community Mental Health Commissioner
         Community Mental Health Board
         Community Services Board

Record Group 20: Laboratories and Research
         Medical Examiner
         Laboratories and Research Department, Board of Managers

Record Group 21: Social Services
         Social Services, Outline History
         Social Services, History
         Superintendent of the Poor
         Charities and Corrections Commissioner
         Public Welfare Commissioner
         Social Services Commissioner
         Child Welfare Board
         Social Services Advisory Council
         Social Services Commissioners Board
         Westchester Putnam One Stop
         Westchester Putnam Workforce Investment Board
         Work in Westchester Task Force

Record Group 22: Corrections
         Corrections Commissioner
         Criminal Justice Planning, Director
         Local Conditions Release Commission

Record Group 23: Probation
         Probation Director
         Probation Commissioner
         Criminal Justice Advisory Board

Record Group 24: Environmental Facilities
         Environmental Facilities Commissioner
         Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel on Croton Point
         Environmental Coordinating Agency
         Household Hazardous Waste Advisory Board
         Recycling Advisory Board
         Refuse Disposal District No. 1 Advisory Board
         Solid Waste Commission
         Stream Control Board of Appeals

Record Group 25: Parks Department
    Historical Information
         Park Openings
         Playland, Opening Information
         County Center, Opening Information
         Cross County Parkway, Outline History
         Parks Attendance, 1930
         Parks Attendance, 1931
         Parks Attendance, 1932
         Parks Attendance, 1941
         Parks Finances, 1942
         Bronx Parkway Commission
         Parkway Authority
         East Hudson Parkway Authority
         Parkway Police Board
         Playland Authority
         Playland Commission
         Playland Park Commission
         Playland Advisory Board
         Playland Director (pre-1981)
         Playland Director (post-1982)
         Park Commission
         Recreation Commission
         Parks, Recreation and Conservation Board
         Parks, Recreation and Conservation Commissioner
         Kitchawan Advisory Board
         Marshlands Advisory Board
         Muscoot Advisory Board

Record Group 26: Public Works
         Superintendent of Bridges
         Bronx Valley Sewer Commission
         Bronx Valley Sewer Manager
         Building Commission
         Public Works Commissioner
         Public Works / Transportation Commissioner
         Public Works, History
         Professional Prequalification Board
         Traffic Safety Board

Record Group 27: Transportation Department
         Superintendent of Highways
         Transit Board
         Transportation Board
         Transit Commissioner
         Transportation Commissioner
         Airport Advisory Board
         Paratransit Transportation Advisory Committee

Record Group 28: Veterans Services Agency
         Veterans Service Agency, Director
         Veterans Advisory Board

Record Group 29: Consumer Protection
         Weights and Measures, Inspector
         Weights and Measures, Sealer
         Weights and Measures, Director
         Consumer Protection Director
         Citizens Consumer Advisory Council

Record Group 30: Miscellaneous
         AIDS Council
         Beautification Committee
         Bias Crime Panel
         Charter Revision Study Commission
         Commission on County and Town Government
         County Buildings Superintendent
         County Extension Service Association
         Fair Housing Board
         Farm Bureau Manager
         Fish and Wildlife Management Board
         Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center
         Homeless, Commission on the
         Human Rights Commission
         Industrial Development Agency
         Interdepartmental Task Force on Child Abuse
         Labor Advisory Council
         Pest Management Committee
         Private Industry Council
         Public Utility Service Agency
         Rent Guidelines Board
         Superintendent of Common Schools
         School Commissioner
         Schools, District Superintendent
         Stop D.W.I. Director
         Stop D.W.I. Task Force
         Taxi and Limousine Commission
         Water Agency
         Westchester 2000 Board
         Westchester 2000 Steering Committee
         Westchester Convention and Visitors Bureau
         Westchester Holocaust Commission
         Westchester Institute for Human Development Advisory Committee
         Westchester Millennium Commission
         Westchester Sound Environment Advisory Board

Record Group 31: Acquisition and Contract
         Acquisition and Contract Board

Record Group 32: Information Technology
         Department of Information Technology, History
         Data Processing Division, Manager
         Department of Information Technology, Chief Information Officer
         Archives and Records Center, Management
         Archives and Records Center, History
         Records Commission

Record Group 33: Senior Programs and Services
         Senior Programs and Services, History
         Senior Programs and Services Commissioner
         Aging, Advisory Committee [Advisory Council] on
         Senior Citizen Advisory Council
         Senior Services Advisory Council
         Seniors, Council for

Record Group 34: Emergency Services
         Emergency Services Commissioner
         Disaster and Emergency Services, Director
         Emergency Management, Director
         Emergency Medical Services, Director
         Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board
         Chief of Fire Services
         Arson Task Force
         Fire Advisory Board