Partial view of election returns from Scarsdale election districts, 1960 general election.  Click on image to view full page. Source: Series 140, Elections and Canvasses Records, 1892-1921, 1938-1970, A-0164(9)
Since its origins as the Board of Canvassers in 1822, the Westchester County Board of Elections has been responsible for administering election and voter registration laws. The Board of Elections also administers laws pertaining to the designation, nomination, and election of party and public officers in Westchester County. The records of this department held by the Westchester County Archives include election notices and canvas reports, voter registration rolls, and administrative records such as minutes of the Board of Elections.

Board of Canvassers Records, 1822-1833
Series 75 
1 v. Arranged chrono-gographically.

Minutes and other records of the Board. Entries include municipal candidates' names and (sometimes) number of votes canvassed in local and state elections. Also includes resolutions passed and lists of grand jurors and their occupations.

Related records: Series 141, Board of Elections Minutes, 1911-1927, 1935-1950.

Board of Elections Annual Reports, 1936-1939, 1954-1986 (gaps)
Series 144
Less than 1 cubic ft. Arranged chronologically.

Reports of the Board which include summaries of primary and general elections, registration figures, absentee voting figures, expenses and enrollment statistics.

Related records: Series 141, Board of Elections Minutes, 1911-1927, 1935-1950.

Board of Elections Bills and Expenses, 1912-1956
Series 49
2 v. Arranged chronologically.

Lists of expenses incurred by the Board in preparation of elections.

Board of Elections Correspondence, 1940-1968
Series 85 
40 v. Arranged chronologically.

Copies of outgoing correspondence for absentee ballots, voter registration methods and other questions received by the Board. Some letters explain election policies and procedures in detail.

Board of Elections Hotel Register, 1967-1977
Series 3
1 v. Arranged reverse chronologically.

Lists of all hotels, motels and boarding houses in the County. Includes the address of each and the name of the owner.

Related records: Series 203, Hotel Reports, 1947-1965, 1969-1972

Board of Elections Minutes, 1911-1927, 1935-1950
Series 141
4 v. Arranged chronologically.

Official minutes of the Board. Records include information about the allocation of duties within the board, salaries of election officials, and the planning and regulation of elections.

Related records: Series 75, Board of Canvassers Records, 1822-1833; Series 144, Board of Elections Annual Reports, 1936-1939, 1954-1986 (gaps).

Election and Canvass Records, 1826
Series 265
Less than 1 cubic ft. Arranged alphabetically by town.

Records of the 1826 New York State election for Westchester County. Includes the appointment papers for inspectors of elections and the election returns for individual towns. Votes were cast for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, one State Senator in the second senatorial district, one Representative in the United States Congress for the fourth congressional district, three Members of the State Assembly, and for amendments to the state constitution for electing Justices of the Peace by the people and for extending the elective franchise.

Related records:  The cumulative 1826 election returns for Westchester County, along with a complete list of the inspectors of elections for each town, may be found on pp. 17-20 of Series 75 Board of Canvassers Records.

Election Notices, 1892-1895
Series 32 
1 v. Arranged chronologically.

Notices from the New York Secretary of State to the Westchester County Board of Elections denoting elective positions, amendments and propositions to be placed on ballots.

Election Petitions and Certificates Filed, 1940-1970
Series 142 
4 v. Arranged chronologically.

Petitions and certificates filed with the Board of Elections by candidates for office. Each entry includes the name and address of the candidate, the title of the office for which the petition is filed, party affiliation, and date and time of filing.

Related records: Series 143, Nominations Records, 1896-1907.

Election and Canvass Records, 1892-1921, 1936-1998 (gaps)
Series 140
10 v. Arranged chronologically.

Titles of elective offices, lists of canvassers, minutes and official count of votes received by candidates for federal, state, county and local primaries and elections.

Related records: Series 75, Board of Canvassers Records, 1822-1833; Series 152, County Elections and Appointments Records, 1907-1922, 1935-1981; Series 153, Municipal Elections and Appointments Records, 1898-1978 (bulk 1937-1955, 1970-1972).

Hotel Reports, 1947-1965, 1969-1972
Series 203
22 v. Arranged chronologically.

Yearly reports of boarding house residents, including names, length of stay and age (sometimes reported as "21+"). A personal name index for these records is available in the Archives Reading Room.

Related records: Series 3, Board of Elections Hotel Register, 1967-1977

Nominations Records, 1896-1907
Series 143 
2 v. Arranged chronologically.

Record of persons nominated to run for office in general county elections.

Related records: Series 142, Election Petitions and Certificates Filed, 1940-1970.

Voter Enrollments, 1929-1971
Series 102
122 v. Arranged chronologically and alphabetically.

Listing of registered voters by town and election district prepared annually by the Board of Elections. Each entry includes the voter's name, address and political affiliation, if stated.

Related records: Series 190, Voter Registration Books, 1925-1956.

Voter Registration Books, 1925-1956
Series 190
2,490 v. Arranged chrono-geographically.

Registration volumes prepared by the Board of Elections. Registers are either "Personal" or "Non-Personal" each year. Both Personal and Non-Personal Registers include information such as voter's name, address, party enrollment, age and date of registration. Personal Registers include additional information such as citizenship data, marriage status, length of residence in the state and county, residence at time of last vote, tenant information and business information.

Related records: Series 102, Voter Enrollments, 1929-1971.