Portion of a Certificate of Incorporation for St. Matthew's Church in Greenburgh, 15 Feb 1883 (A-0371(1)L). Click on picture for full image.

Record Description:  Personal names taken from statements of incorporation, amendments, and name changes for businesses, fraternal organizations, benevolent societies, and churches. Names are of the signatories for these records. Often they are the same as the first appointed directors and/or the stockholders, but those names have not been recorded. Series 45, from which these names were taken, spans 1875, 1881-1926, and includes 58 volumes. All 58 volumes have been fully indexed for the corporation names. Personal names have been indexed up through 1915 and are made available here.

Index Arrangement:  Alphabetical by last name. 

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Index Status:  Indexing for the first 28 volumes in this series (through 1915) is complete. Indexing of personal names for the years 1916-1926 is being completed as time allows. If you suspect an individual may have been involved in a corporation but you are unable to locate his / her name in this online index, you can submit a Custom Research Request to locate the information.

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