Records Description: Online index created by Archives’ staff and volunteers from individual jail blotter books from Series 310. Index includes inmate name, age, race, place of birth, reason for incarceration, and dates of intake and release. Each entry in the jail blotter books also contains information such as the individual’s marital status, religion, education, occupation, and prior convictions. See our "Documenting Crime and Punishment in Westchester County" web page for additional information on these records.

Index Arrangement: Alphabetical by last name.

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Index Status: Indexing was begun in 2013 from the last year available to researchers (1938) and is being done in reverse chronological order. Currently parts of 1937 and 1938 are complete. To request a copy of a jail blotter book record that you find listed in this index, please fill out an Individual Record Request form.

Please note that information noted in brackets "[ ]" has been added by Archives staff using a copy of the New York State Penal Law and Criminal Code from 1939 in order to help researchers understand the type of offense for which an individual was incarcerated, when the reference is to a violation number only (i.e., “Viol. 1897”). Although all efforts have been made to correctly interpret the Penal Law and Criminal Code, no guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the information provided in brackets.

Important: Please note that only transcriptions of the requested records will be sent, as it is difficult to provide satisfactory images from the original books because of the number of entries per page.

Note: We recommend scrolling through the index rather than using your browser's "Find" function. See our Tips for Searching Indexes for additional information.