Record groups are used by the Westchester County Archives to identify record series that come from the same department within the county government. Select one of the record groups listed below to view a list of the records for that department currently available at the Archives. Departments in the menu (at right) are listed alphabetically.

Record Group 1                  Board of Elections

Record Group 2                  County Executive

Record Group 3                  Board of Legislators

Record Group 4                  Judiciary

Record Group 5                  District Attorney

Record Group 6                  County Clerk

Record Group 7                  Personnel / Human Resources

Record Group 10                Budget Office

Record Group 11                Finance Department

Record Group 12                Law Department

Record Group 13                Planning Department

Record Group 15                Public Safety

Record Group 18                Health Department

Record Group 19                Community Mental Health

Record Group 21                Social Services

Record Group 22                Correction Department

Record Group 25                Parks, Recreation and Conservation

Record Group 26                Public Works

Record Group 29                Consumer Protection

Record Group 30                Miscellaneous Agencies / Individuals

Record Group 31                Acquisition & Contract

Record Group 32                Information Technology

Record Group 33                Senior Programs and Services

Record Group 34                Emergency Services