Can I get a copy of my divorce decree from the Archives?

No. Divorce records are not held by the Westchester County Archives; you must contact the Westchester County Clerk to obtain a copy of a divorce decree. 

Can I get a copy of my parents / grandparents divorce decree from the Archives for genealogical purposes?

Divorce decrees must be over 100 years old before they are available to the public. To obtain a divorce decree that is over 100 years old, you must contact the Westchester County Clerk’s office to obtain the case file number.

Can I get a copy of my misdemeanor arrest record from the Archives?

No. The Westchester County Archives does not maintain the arrest records of local police departments nor the Westchester County Police. You must contact the police department involved in order to obtain arrest record information. If you need to obtain a copy of a felony record, contact the Westchester County Clerk's office.

Do you have cemetery records?

The Archives does not have burial records from cemeteries in Westchester County. Death records usually contain burial information (see Births, Deaths and Marriages). We have burial information up to 1939 for Westchester County Veterans from the Revolutionary War through World War I, and maps showing the location of graves. The Archives also holds some cemetery deeds. 

For genealogical research, we recommend the Westchester County Historical Society's cemetery index and recently published three volume set "Cemeteries of Westchester County."

Do you have church records?

Although the Archives does not collect the records of individual churches, it does have recorded information on the incorporation of religious organizations in the County (including those that were in the part of the County that became the Bronx) dating back to 1784. 

The Westchester County Historical Society, which shares the Archives Reading Room, holds the records of a few individual congregations.

Do you have school records?

Series 154 contains status reports from schools within Westchester County from 1828-1968. For some districts for the years 1857-1879, 1893, and 1896-1904 the records include census schedules with student names. An online index for this series is available. The Westchester County Historical Society has records from a few individual schools.