I'm trying to research the history of my house. What information do you have at the Archives that would be of use to me?

Building plans for individual houses are not available at the Westchester County Archives. If such plans are still in existence, they would be located at the local building department for the municipality where the house is located. A list of local municipalties is available on the Westchester County Clerk’s Web site.

We do have deeds, as well as atlases and maps, which show property ownership. The Historic Building Inventory Forms (Series 214), may also be of use. An online folder index is available for this series. The Westchester County Historical Society has maps, photographs, and scrapbooks that may help with this type of search.

Where can I find more information about historic preservation and how to place a property on the National Register of Historic Places?

Westchester County's Planning Department has information on historic preservation on its Web site.

Do you have any building plans?

We have plans for a few historic buildings in Westchester. Individual house plans, if they exist, would be kept with the local building departments. See the Westchester County Clerk's list of local municipalties.