Does the Westchester County Archives do research for patrons?

The Archives staff will conduct research for a fee through our Research by Mail program. You can order a copy of an individual record for $15 or request custom research. Our custom research fee is $25 per hour, one hour minimum, plus the cost of copies (50 cents per page) after 10 pages.

I found what I need on your Web site, what do I do next?

If possible, please visit the Archives to do research in person, as we can make suggestions and provide guidance on continuing your research. If you are unable to visit the Archives, you can order copies of records using the Individual Record Request form or request customized research by mail.

Genealogical Research:

Do you have census records?

We have New York State census records for Westchester County from 1905, 1915 and 1925. Please contact the Westchester County Historical Society for Federal Census records from 1790 through 1930.

Can I find a published copy of my family's history in the Archives?

No. The Archives is a repository for Westchester County government records. Other historical materials, including family histories, may be found at the Westchester County Historical Society.

What kind of genealogical resources are in the Archives?

We have records documenting many “official” milestones in people's lives – such as wills, estate and other probate records, deeds, maps showing property ownership, naturalization records, court records, and marriage records (for the years 1908 to 1935 only).  We do not have books on local history, family histories or papers, city directories, or church or cemetery records.

If I’ve exhausted the resources of the Westchester County Archives, where would you suggest I look next?

Try the Westchester County Historical Society, local libraries ( or local historical societies. Also, please see our Genealogical Resources and Additional Resources pages for more possible sources for genealogical research. 

Local History Research:

Does the Archives have materials relating to local history?

The Archives does not have books on local history. However, items such as the Peekskill scrapbooks, the Bronx River Parkway collection, and census records, can provide “snapshots” of life in communities throughout the county. Other collections, such as records for Playland Park, the Westchester County Airport, and the building of Interstate 684, provide a wealth of information on a County facility and its impact on its community. For more traditional local history reference books, please contact the Westchester County Historical Society.

Do you have old editions of local newspapers?

The Archives does not have newspapers, but the library of the Westchester County Historical Society does. Some local libraries also have historic newspaper holdings (