Park Commission Agenda, 1943-1961
Series 89
Less than 1 cubic ft. Arranged chronologically.

Agenda from Commission meetings.

Related records: Series 91, Park Commission Minutes, 1922-1962.

Park Commission Annual Reports, 1924-1953 (gaps)
Series 96
Less than 1 cubic ft. Arranged chronologically. View box and folder list.

Reports of the Commission which oversaw the development and maintenance of the County's parks and parkways between 1922 and 1962.

Related records: Series 91, Park Commission Minutes, 1922-1962; Series 97, Recreation Commission Annual Reports, 1925-1961 (gaps); Park Commission Photograph Collection, 1912-1961; Parks Department Lantern Slide Collection, c.1920-1935.

Park Commission Appraisal Commissioners Appeals and Minutes, 1927-1933, 1935
Series 105
5 cubic ft. Arranged numerically by proceeding. View box and folder list.

Minutes of the meetings of the Commission, whose task it was to set a fair price for land to be acquired by the County for parks and parkway development. The records include information about property values, land use, and buildings on the properties.

Related records: Series 103, Bronx Parkway Commission, Appraisal Commissioners, Minutes, 1916-1922; Series 116, Park Acquisitions, 1936.

Park Commission County Lands to be Released, ca. 1939
Series 386
1 volume.

Volume appears to have been used in 1939 to make calculations regarding highway, parkway, sewer and miscellaneous lands potentially to be released by the Westchester County Park Commission.

Park Commission Financial Reports, 1926-1932, 1937
Series 117
Less than 1 cubic ft. Arranged chronologically. View box and folder list.

Financial reports and audits, including some audits of Playland. Also includes an invitation to the opening of the Bear Mountain and Taconic parkways connecting the Bear Mountain Bridge to the Bronx River Parkway.

Park Commission Index to Condemnation Proceedings, ca. 1920s-1932
Series 385
1 volume.

Lists condemnation information, including individual/entity involved; sheet/parcel numbers; date authorized and other dates for activities related to condemnation including title closing date; highest appraisal amount; and sometimes additional notes for various parks and parkways in Westchester County. Does not include Bronx River Parkway.

Park Commission Indexes to Park and Parkway Deeds, ca. 1912-1970
Series 382
3 v. Numerically by deed number.

3 bound volumes, one for Bronx River Parkway deeds (maintained by the Bronx Parkway Commission, 1912-1924) and two for all other parkland and parkways (maintained by the Westchester County Park Commission, 1923-1970). The Bronx Parkway volume is arranged by deed number, although there is a small section without deed numbers for those parcels obtained through condemnation proceedings. The originals of the deeds that these volumes index are located in Series 350.

Park Commission Land Acquisition Name Index Cards, ca. 1920s-1940s
Series 381
1.90 cubic feet (approximately 11,000 cards). Alphabetically by last name, then alphabetically grouped by park and parkway. View box and folder list.

3 x 5 index cards with last name and first name (or entity name), project name and map sheet and parcel number for project. Also have random number (not deed number; perhaps number of transaction within project?). Most cards stamped “File Checked June 1942”. It is believed that the Archives has the property acquisition files being referred to in its unprocessed collections. The Bronx River Parkway is not included in this collection; a separate collection of index cards is available in Series 350 for its property acquisition records (Series 109).

Park Commission Land Record Cards, ca. 1914-1985
Series 380
5.5 cubic ft. (approximately 9,000 cards). Alphabetically by project, then by sheet and parcel number. View box and folder list.

8 x 5 Kardex cards used for recording data about purchase of land by Park Commission for county parks and parkways. Includes name and address for individual or corporate entity purchased from, when authorized to purchase, title policy number and issuer, condemnation proceeding information, deed date and number, amounts paid for property, if property ever ceded out of county control, and sometimes additional comments such as what happened to buildings on property, complications with sale, etc.

Related records: Series 116, Park Acquisitions, 1936; Series 149, Parks Department Property Records, 1923-1965 (bulk 1923-1939); Series 381, Land Acquisition Name Index Cards; Series 350, Park and Parkway Property Acquisition Deeds, ca. 1910s-1930s

Park Commission Minutes, 1922-1962
Series 91
43 v. Arranged chronologically. Indexed by Series 90.

Official minutes of the Commission which was founded in 1922 to oversee the development and maintenance of the County's parks and parkways. It merged with the Westchester County Recreation Commission in 1962 to become the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Board.

Continued by: Series 93

Related records: Series 92, Recreation Commission Minutes, 1959-1960; Series 96, Park Commission Annual Reports, 1924-1953 (gaps).

Park Commission Minutes Index, ca. 1926-1960
Series 90
2 cubic ft. Arranged alphabetically. Index to Series 91.

Park Commission Park Acquisition Records, 1936
Series 116
Less than 1 cubic ft. Arranged alphabetically. View box and folder list.

Records of park acquisitions by the Park Commission. Records include acquisition costs, area measurements, and a listing of parks in the County summarized by town, city and village.

Related records: Series 105, Park Commission, Appraisal Commissioners, Minutes, 1927-1935; Series 149, Parks Department Property Records, 1923-1965.

Park Commission Payroll Books, 1931-1932, 1934-1941
Series 354
19 volumes. Arranged chronologically.

Bound volumes with payroll information from the late 1920s through 1931 (organized under the volume titled “1931”) and 1932 organized by individual name and including information such as address, title and position, and certain demographic information (such as age, marital status, whether or not had children, whether or not a citizen, and veteran status). In some instances the demographic information is not completed. For 1932 the records are divided into “Stagger Pay Sheets” for those in the laborer pay categories, and into Civil Service Pay Sheets for non-laborer professions, such as engineers, patrolmen, etc. Included in latter group is the pay sheet for Jay Downer, Chief Engineer of the Westchester County Park Commission. For the years 1934-1941, the pay sheets are arranged by week with listings by last name and including information on title and salary, as well as retirement system number.

Park Commission Real Estate Legislation and Data Collection, 1933-1944
Series 210
Less than 1 cubic ft. Unarranged. View box and folder list.

Includes copies of legislation, correspondence concerning legislation; facts and figures regarding real estate owned by Westchester County including land values, park revenues, parkway data such as traffic statistics and police service; and surveys and studies done by the Park Commission’s Real Estate Department.