Cemetery Deeds, 1851-1990
Series 249
24 v. Arranged chronologically. View box and folder list.

Indexed by purchaser (1857-1904), purchaser and cemetery (1851-1864, 1928-1930), cemetery (1930-1964), and grantor and grantee (1912-1920). Amawalk Hill Cemetery primarily occupies 1964-1990. Sales and purchases, usually showing number or section and plot in cemetery, area in square feet (some have small measured drawings), and county clerk register number, with statement about rights, privileges and rules of the cemetery. 

Census Rolls (New York State), 1905, 1915, 1925
Series 19
23 v. Arranged geographically by City, Town or Village, Election District, Assembly District and Ward. View box and folder list by town or by year: 1905, 1915, 1925

New York State censuses of Westchester County. Lists permanent residence, name, relation to head of family, color, sex, age, nativity, occupation and residents of institutions (including prisoners and infants). Citizenship information is included in the 1915 census (when and where naturalized, if applicable) and the 1925 census (number of years in U.S. and whether alien or citizen). 

Circuit Court, 1796-1888
Series 257
2.5 cubic ft. Arranged chronologically by type of record.

Created as a court of original jurisdiction under the New York State Supreme Court of Judicature, the Circuit Court was to be held once a year in each county to hear mainly civil cases. Before 1823, Supreme Court Justices traveled to each county to preside over these sessions. Beginning in that year, the number of Supreme Court Justices was reduced from five to three and the Governor appointed circuit judges for each of eight newly developed judicial districts. Westchester County was part of the second district. Judgments from the Circuit Courts were sent to the Supreme Court clerk to be signed, filed, and docketed there. Therefore, the County retains only minute books and certain documents relating to particular cases, but not the bulk of the legal documents. The new constitution of 1846 replaced the Supreme Court of Judicature with the Supreme Court and abolished the individual circuit judges and circuit courts and returned to the system by which the Supreme Court Justices (now elected rather than appointed) presided again over circuit court sessions. The records in this series include calendars, minutes, and miscellaneous court documents. 

Collector's Bonds Index, 1868-1969
Series 67
1 v. Arranged alphabetically. Index to Series 63.

Collector's Bonds Register, 1868-1916
Series 63
3 v. Arranged chronologically. Indexed by: Series 67.

Registrations filed with the County Clerk. Each entry includes the name of the obligor, the town, the amount of the bond, when the bond was filed, and when it was satisfied. 

Commissioners of Forfeiture Proceedings, 1784-1786
Series 35
1 v. Arranged chronologically. Volume available online.

Records of the Commission which sold lands that had been confiscated from Loyalists after the American Revolution. Entries include the name of the buyer, the amount paid, and a brief property description. The volume includes a description of the capture of Major Andre and the land presented to one of his captors as a reward.

Commissioners of Highways Records, c.1720-1795, 1826
Series 77
1 v. Arranged chronologically.

Minutes of activities and decisions of the Commissioner which describe property, property owners, natural boundaries and landmarks, roads and toll gates; and disputes, such as unauthorized moving of roads. 

Commissioners of Partition Records, 1774
Series 76
2 items (1 v., 1 map).

Records of the Commission which divided the estate of Caleb Heathcote (one of the five original manors in Westchester County), which today comprises portions of Mamaroneck, Scarsdale, and Harrison. Includes the original map of the partition drawn by Charles Webb.