Farm Names Register, 1912-1949.
Series 1
1 v. Arranged chronologically. Index in volume.

Farm names registered with the County Clerk. Each entry includes name of the owner, location of farm and short property description.

Related records: Series 60, Legal Division Miscellaneous Records, 1896-1982.

Foreign Notaries, 1884-1944.
Series 36 
4 v. Arranged chronologically. Index in each volume.

Notaries appointed elsewhere who presented evidence of good character in order to be appointed in Westchester.


Good Roads Records, 1901-1917.
Series 333
2 cubic ft.  View full finding aid or box and folder list.

The Good Roads Records documents the efforts of the Westchester County Good Roads Committee to acquire real estate within Westchester County for the purposes of constructing public roads and highways. The records do not go into detail about specific roads being built (i.e. construction costs, constructions plans, etc.), but rather about the process of acquiring land parcels from their respective owners for the purposes of building roads in the future. These records are arranged in five distinct sub-series: (1) Commissioners’ “Separate Reports” (1902 – 1913); (2) Court Papers (1901 – 1917); (3) Bills of Costs (1902 – 1914); (4) Court Hearings (1903 – 1911); and (5) Correspondence (1901 – 1911). In general, the Commissioners’ “Separate Reports” and the Court Hearings give the best overview of the Good Roads Records as a whole.


Homestead Exemptions, 1850-1978.
Series 37
1 v. Arranged chronologically. Indexed by: Series 137.

Record of properties exempt, by New York State law (enacted 1850), from sale under execution for debts. Property descriptions may include names of adjoining property owners and may note deed filed when land was acquired, and refer to maps on which the property is shown.

Homestead Exemptions Index, c.1850-1978.
Series 137 
1 v. Arranged alphabetically. Index to Series 37.

Alphabetical index to the first 118 pages of homestead exemptions included in Series 37.  For some unknown reason, the final 44 pages of that volume were not included in this index.

Horseshoers Register, 1899-1904.
Series 41
1 v. Arranged chronologically. View online index.

Registrations filed with County Clerk. Each entry includes name of the horseshoer, place of residence, place of business, whether a journeyman or master, certificate number and date filed.

Incorporation Records, 1875, 1881-1926.
Series 45
58 v. Arranged chronologically. Index in each volume.

Statements of incorporation for businesses, fraternal organizations, neighborhood associations, and other entities organized under the business laws of New York State in Westchester County, as well as filings about dissolutions, mergers, name changes, increases or decreases in capital stock, increases or decreases in number of directors and other changes in corporate organization. Certificates of incorporation include information on the purpose of the business, names and addresses of incorporators, and initial capital of the business. An index of some of the records in this series is available online, as well as an index of some of the personal names included in the records.

Related records: Series 78, Religious Societies Incorporations, 1784-1909; Series 279, Incorporation Records -- Originals -- "Liber 1", 1845-1910.

Incorporation Records -- Originals -- "Liber 1", 1848-1909 (bulk 1848-1890).
Series 279 
12.5 cubic ft. Arranged numerically.  Indexed by Series 292 or see alphabetical listing of companies

Corporate documentation for companies that filed papers to commence business between 1848 and 1899 in Westchester County. The most frequent documents present are the certificates of incorporation. Often this is the only document available for a company. Other record types include documentation of full payment of stock, increase or decreases in stock, annual financial statements, proofs of publication, election of directors, and oaths of inspectors. Papers continued to be filed as long as these companies remained in business, up to the early 21st century for just a few companies. However, the bulk of the records are from the latter part of the nineteen century.

Types of corporate entities incorporated during this period include manufacturing, utility, and mining companies. A number of banks and financial institutions can also be found. There are also non-profit entities such as benevolent or social clubs, as well as churches and cemeteries. Also included in this collection are the incorporation records for the Villages of Tarrytown, Irvington, North Tarrytown, Mamaroneck, Mount Kisco, and Hastings-on-Hudson.

Insurance Agents Certificates Index, 1912-1922.
Series 73
4 v. Arranged alphabetically.

Index to certificates issued by the New York State Superintendent of Insurance and filed in the County Clerk's office. Each entry records the name of the agent and the date on which the certificate was filed. Please note that the records which these volumes index are not in the Archives.