Portion of an estate inventory from 1864. (A-0141(156)L, file 1863-180). Click on picture for full image.
Records Description: This index covers two collections:  Wills (Series 132) and Estate Records (Series 16). Original estate records usually detail the name(s) of the heirs as well as property of the deceased. Some estate files also include copies of the deceased individual's will. Original wills, however, have been filed separately with the Surrogate's Court. Collectively these records (commonly referred to as probate records) have been indexed in this database. Learn more about the types of information available in probate records.

Please note that because our online index only identifies wills, estate inventories and guardianships and there are additional surrogate records available (such as letters of administration), it is still a good idea to check our in-house microfilm index of the Surrogate records in case you do not find what you are looking for in the online index. To request a search of the microfilm index, please submit a Custom Research Request.

Index Arrangement: Alphabetical by last name. 

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To request a copy of an item that you find listed in this index, please fill out an Individual Record Request form. 

Indexing Status: Indexing of original wills 1775-1784 (gaps), 1787-1941 has been completed; however, indexing of estate inventories is in process and so far only the years 1775-1918 have been added to the database.  

To request a copy of a Surrogate record, please submit a Custom Research Request. Many estate files contain a copy of the will, but if an original will is available, you can request a copy along with the estate file. Please note this on the request form.

Note about Town names: If the information for where the person lived and/or where they owned property is not stated in the estate file or in the will, it will be noted with "not available". Those entries that have this field as a blank are files that still need to be checked for this information and will be added when it has been done, a project that is currently on-going.

Note about original wills: In a few cases we only have either miscellaneous paperwork about an original will or just an envelope. These have been noted in the database under the first name with brackets and either "No will", "envelope empty" or "will not in envelope". Also, there are a few cases where an individual may have two wills (noted under the first name in brackets by "two wills").   

Note: We recommend scrolling through the index rather than using your browser's "Find" function. See our Tips for Searching Indexes for additional information.